The Best Of Professionals

  • Lars Dalgaard PhD, with a broad experience in organic and bioorganic chemistry.
  • Gustav Bojesen PhD, with a broad experience in organic and bioorganic chemistry.
  • Jan Nordin Mass Spectrometric Specialist with broad experience in a lot of analytical disciplines.
  • Steen Pontoppidan Broad experience in Mangement and a lot of analytical Mass Spectrometry.

Scientific advisor

Lars Dalgaard, PhD, has a broad experience in organic and bioorganic chemistry both from academia (Aarhus and Copenhagen University) and pharmaceutical companies (Novo-Nordisk and H.Lundbeck, CNS Research and Development). Lars has been involved in research and development of CNS drugs. Lars has a strong background in identification metabolites and evaluation of structural alerts for drug toxicity. He has participated in drug approval preparations and face to face meetings with regulatory bodies (FDA and EU member states). Very experienced in presenting ADME related information at conferences and at the university and has more than 40 papers in international peer reviewed journals in the fields of organic and analytical chemistry, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics.

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