The Best Of Professionals

  • Lars Dalgaard PhD, with a broad experience in organic and bioorganic chemistry.
  • Gustav Bojesen PhD, with a broad experience in organic and bioorganic chemistry.
  • Jan Nordin Mass Spectrometric Specialist with broad experience in a lot of analytical disciplines.
  • Steen Pontoppidan Broad experience in Mangement and a lot of analytical Mass Spectrometry.

Senior application chemist

Jan Nordin, started back in 1974 in the field of Mass Spectrometry and has been working with a wide range of different applications in this area. Among them are environmental applications of chlorinated compound coming from bleaching of paper within pulp and paper industry. This industrial research led to the stop of using chlorine as a bleaching agent. Other industrial applications such as workspace environment, process control, and characterization of complex materials from manufacturing paper has also been investigated. As sales and application chemist at Thermo Fisher, started an interest for pharmaceutical applications which led to research work at Karolinska Institutet, clinical pharmacology, with metabolite identification and quantification within areas like, drugs of abuse, doping analysis and tropical medicine. Started a Swedish CRO with focus on bioanalysis with LC/MS/MS and led the company to a GLP certification. Jan has also been tutor in Mass Spectrometry with both classes and individual MS training. Experience of GC/MS/MS, LC/MS/MS, pyrolysis, DART/Tof, Electro Capture and many other techniques. Jan has worked with most instruments and software on the marked. Recently Jan set up clinical applications at hospitals as well as food and oil analysis with DART.

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