Services Overview


Based on Biomotif’s electrocapture technology we can provide the latest approach for e.g. up-concentration low level compound of interest to detectable concentrations. The ElectroCapture Technology utilizes a dual-membrane section device to immobilize charged molecules in a microflow stream by the counteracting effects of hydrodynamic and electric forces.
Our new EC-cell in Peek coupled to the Biomotif Tof HX mass spectrometer.
The Electrocapture Cell consists in a microchannel with two gaps covered with a conductive membrane from where the electric field is applied. Once the injected molecules are captured in the electric field, a new solution can be injected.
Using this approach, we can obtain desalting, buffer exchange, removal of contaminants and online multistep microreactions (e.g. cleanup and digestion of membrane proteins). In addition, several microliters of sample can be concentrated and released in a few nanolitres. Furthermore, the system can be used to fractionate complex mixtures of polypeptides by using a voltage-gradient release scheme. This technology can be used for the analysis of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, hormones and charged small molecules.